Health and Safety Policy 2018

Equality and Diversity Policy

Overview – Tersus – Hazard Management Specialists

Advice – The legal responsibilities of commercial property owners

Checklist – Asbestos management checklist for property managers

Tersus Management Services Education Sector Projects
The Management of Asbestos-Containing Materials in the Retail Sector

Section1. Asbestos management guidance in the retail sector

Section 2. Asbestos Management Plan

Section 3. Duty Holder Roles and Responsibilities

Section 4. Training; Awareness and Information

Section 5. Management of asbestos during day-to-day operations.

Section 6. Management of asbestos during maintenance works
Legionella Advice and Guidance

Legionella;What does it mean to be the Responsible Person for Legionella control

Legionella Risk Assessment Legal Requirement

Legionella Control in Retail Environments

Biofilm – the source of Legionella

Company Profile – Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy 2018


At present the SPA passport scheme recognises that delegates who have completed and passed one of a number of approved training courses (and have 3 months or more remaining on their certificate) do not need to attend the SPA passport scheme Core training day - evidence of exemption eligibility required at time of booking. This document lists the currently accepted qualifications/certificates.