Tersus is strategically placed in four locations in the UK (Brighton, Birmingham, London & Sheffield) and the Tersus group has in excess of 50 technical staff nationwide. The Group has over 20 surveyors based at strategic locations around the country. Its four UKAS-accredited laboratories are capable of handling over 1,000 asbestos samples a day. In addition, it has over 30 mobile laboratories covering the whole of the UK.

All Tersus staff are trained to a minimum standard of BOHS proficiency modules for the disciplines for which they are engaged. Tersus maintains the highest possible level of accreditation for any asbestos consultancy, offering a completely managed service of all your asbestos obligations including surveying, air monitoring, bulk identification and bulk sampling.

Tersus holds multisite accreditation for the complete outsource-management/consultancy service it provides i.e. surveying, air monitoring, bulk identification and bulk sampling.


Asbestos Air Testing

Tersus is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) to sample and count fibers away from a permanently fixed laboratory to HSG248. We count fibers in our mobile laboratories, which are themselves regularly checked and inspected to comply with UKAS accreditation.
Our mobile laboratories are fully equipped to carry out on-site monitoring services, including:

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Asbestos Surveys

Tersus offer tailored surveys for both Management of asbestos in premises for ‘dutyholders’ compliance with the law and full access surveys for refurbishment and demolition projects. Surveys may be undertaken as a single phase of work, or in multiple stages where ACM has been identified, in order to help the customer manage project costs by budgeting for

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Asbestos Bulk Sampling

Tersus provides a bulk sampling and identification service at each of it’s UKAS accredited laboratories in our office locations in London, Brighton, Taunton, Sheffield, Nottingham & Birmingham
We can either, visit your site and take a sample or analyse samples that you send directly to our laboratories.

We can analyse one exploratory sample or several samples, such as would be the case where a full survey has been carried out.

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Asbestos Project Management

Asbestos Removal Works Supervision

Sometimes removal is the best or only option, and we will tell you if this is the case. We will then work with you to develop a timetable and budget for removal, and go on to manage the removal process for you.This includes preparing a removal specification and seeking quotes for the work, validating responses to ensure appropriate and safe methods of work, overseeing works on site and providing the Certificate of Re-Occupation as your proof of a job completed safely and to the required standards.

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Legionella Services

Tersus Consultancy Limited are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive water treatment service for the prevention and control of Legionnaires’ Disease.
Tersus has staff with over 15 years’ experience in water hygiene, with offices located nationally we can offer services countrywide. Find Out More