Asbestos & Legionella Consultancy

Tersus is strategically placed in four locations in the UK (Brighton, Birmingham, London & Sheffield) and the Tersus group has in excess of 50 technical staff nationwide. The Group has over 20 surveyors based at strategic locations around the country. Its four UKAS-accredited laboratories are capable of handling over 1,000 asbestos samples a day.


It is essential that audits are carried out on a regular basis as companies and organisations need to ensure that the welfare, health and safety of employees within an organisation are catered for. Performing audits reveals areas that need improvement and are in compliance with legal obligations whilst promoting the company or organisation’s overall wellbeing.

Bespoke Courses

When an off-the-shelf training course doesn’t quite meet your needs our training consultants have years of experience in tailoring bespoke training programs to deliver specific learning outcomes as desired.

We as Tersus Training Services offer Bespoke Courses in Petroleum, Asbestos, and Construction Industry. Whether you are looking for a seamless training fit for your staff, we are here to assist you. We also offer Working at Height & Workplace Health & Safety Courses.


At Tersus Training Services we have an extensive array of clients and experience within the health and safety training industry.

Our professional team of trainers and consultants provide a full suite of safety related training courses and on both an open-schedule and on-site basis.

We are able to accommodate whatever needs your organisation may have, this can include designing and producing bespoke training programmes; delivery of industry required and best practise training courses and completely designing a safety system and training plan for your entire business.

Our training team are able to offer expert advice and help ensure that you and your business are receiving the most relevant, up-to date and accurate health and safety training.

Face Fit Testing

Face fit testing is the process of having a special protective mask fitted to a person’s face to ensure that one has adequate protection from external contaminants that are harmful to the body. It is essential that the mask is fitted according to a specific persons facial features to avoid air leaks.  One of the major cause of leaks is a poor face fit or use of tight-fitting face pieces.